Mellina and aballe

They are the labor force that contributes to the productivity, as well as profitability and stability of any enterprise. Thus, making employees and workers motivated and happy is a necessity for every employer. Employers, whether individuals or corporations, give their employees benefits in the forms of basic salaries, bonuses and fringe benefits to compensate them for their hard work, promote their health and well-beings, maintain goodwill and or preserve their work efficiency.

Results indicated that tourists experienced different levels of satisfaction with stores and accessibility to the Park, so that the most important factors affecting the satisfaction were attractiveness, safety, sellers' respectful behavior, comfort of public vehicles, parking facilities, and transportation fee.

Results also showed that age and income were not significantly associated with tourists' satisfaction. Conclusions from this analysis will also help decision takers to plan educational, monitoring and marketing programs for the Park.

In Iran, tourism is esti ated to a ou t fo. I a has a g eat potential for tourism e. Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world in terms of area. It is located in the southwestern Asia and covers the land area of more than 1,km2.

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Moreover, a review of tourist attractions found that Iran is rich in cultural and natural tourism resources; many of which are unique to the o ld.

Iran also possesses rich intangible living customs that are exemplified in its cities, towns, villages, and rural areas; the most notable of which are the cities of Esfahan, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, and Tabriz, and towns and villages such as Masuleh and Talesh in Guilan Province, the Oroman Valley villages in Kurdistan Province, and Abeyane Village in Esfahan 67 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences JuneVol.

However, tourism in Iran faces eight considerable challenges: Tabriz is the fourth biggest city of Iran with a population over people, and it is the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province. It is also the second most industrial city of Iran after Tehran. In the last decade, urban tourism development in Tabriz has led to development in tourism infrastructures.

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It was reconstructed in the 19th century in Qajar dynasty by Qahrman Mirza. Its importance, in terms of urban tourism in Tabriz, is illustrated by the following: Literature Review Tourist shopping experience Shopping is one of the oldest activities Murphy et al.

Shopping carries a higher priority for some tourists than sightseeing, recreation or any other holiday activities Yuksel ; for many of them a trip is not complete without having spent time shopping LeHew and Wesley Due to its psychological, social, and economic benefits e.

The 'experience' is a complex combination of factors that shape tourists feelings and attitudes towards their visiting and spending time in a destination. Shopping, as an important component of travel, is a mixture of perceptions of products, services and places. In fact, the tourist-shopping experience is the sum of tourist satisfaction or dissatisfaction gained from the individual's attributes to products and services purchased.

The service and merchandise provided by retailers and vendors are an important part of the destination experience.

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In this regard, shopping refers to a contemporary recreational activity involving looking, touching, browsing, and u i g, hi h helps fulfill people s eed fo e jo e t a d ela atio a d which helps tourists escape from their daily routines Tosun et al.

A critical aspect of experience is that it is different from person to person, but undoubtedly comes from an intrinsic source. In order to experience shopping in an intrinsically meaningful way, an aspect of 'motivation' is necessary Giliham et al.aballe, michael angelo zosas / lea joint aballe, antonio / mary josephine joint aballe, alex / tessie joint aballe, avelino / helen joint monica i aba, danica charieze v aba, rey o abaa, angelo c ababa, jasmin d ababa, noe l ababon, carole ann v ababon, jennifer a ababon, rina rose t abad, aijeleth shahar s abad, arni n abad, gerlie d abada, nico a abade, john anthony j abadia, elena t.

abadia, shenna kristy l abadiez, cresyl ann s abadilla, marlo e abagon, kiersten jane s abain. Directory of Solemnizing Officers in the Philippines by stewart_torre in Types > School Work. September LET Results Elementary III.

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Demographic Characteristics of the Respondents Characteristics Frequency Percentage Age 20 and below 82 % 21 to 25 91 % 26 to 30 81 % 31 to 35 36 % 36 to 40 14 % 41 to 45 10 % 46 to 50 16 % 51 and above 10 % Missing 2 % Total % Gender Female 48% Male 52% Cited by: 1.

Mellina and aballe

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Mellina and aballe

REPORT: National List of Passers – Alphabetically Arranged (FILE 1) MIANO RODOLFO ABALLE Bukidnon NHS Bukidnon Northern Mindanao Region 88 99 2.