Social media addiction

Decorate your LinkedIn profile with such a claim and you may even find yourself receiving interest from media and publishing companies searching for a savvy digital native. But a growing body of research is seriously considering whether problematic and excessive social media usage could be pathological and, in turn, designated as a mental health disorder.

Social media addiction

He says individuals who abuse something, like social media, to the extent that it causes problems in their lives probably have deeper issues. There are motivators to playing it up.

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He says he personally believes social media can be addictive, using Facebook as an example. Facebook does something you could never really do before. A person can spend too much time in social networks but still are able to function adequately in life.

Like any activity there is a need to find balance in what we do. People should limit themselves to knowing they can only have one or two hours per day. Vidyarthi believes that eventually there will be more data on the topic and until then, it affects how much his site covers the topic.

Addiction to Social Media Meanwhile, as the popularity and usage of social media increases, it changes the way we communicate with one another. In some cases, he continues, it is replacing other forms of communication, such as face-to-face interactions.

Utilizing social media to engage in social interactions is just another alternative. The key is to be able to balance the use of this exciting form of interaction with all the other aspects of our lives.Apple CEO Tim Cook says he doesn't want his nephew using social media.

AP. Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday spoke about technology overuse, saying he wouldn't allow his nephew to use social networks. Researchers are investigating whether social media addiction constitutes a mental disorder. Is this a moral panic or food for thought?

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Watch the video above. Frequent social media use and screen time have been portrayed as universally bad for our health. However, a lot of research on this phenomenon has been characterized by . The term “social media addiction” is frequently seen in headlines and tossed around by television pundits.

But society should not be so quick to attach the term “addiction” to social media activities, experts say. Social Effects of an Addiction - Drug Addiction. We know about the physical and psychological effects of an addiction but what about the social effects? Social media isn't simply a way of life for kids -- it's life itself.

Social media addiction

To help them keep their online interactions safe, productive, and positive, we offer the most up-to-date research and guidance on social media about the latest apps and websites, and get tips on talking to your kids about sharing, posting, and avoiding digital drama.

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