Sony business strategy

Business Shares Sony has a plan to become profitable again, and that means splitting the company and killing off failing businesses. The company aims to boost its operating profit fold within three years by focusing on its more profitable image sensors, videogame and entertainment businesses, its chief executive has said. Sony's CEO Kazuo Hirai said the company wanted to give subsidiaries more autonomy, so that important decisions could be made faster.

Sony business strategy

It is a leading brand in electronics industry and also the fifth largest manufacturer of televisions, as of In several regards Sony has been the leader in its industry, the first one to bring the direct view portable transistor TV and the famous Walkman. Still, the brand has continued to do well and and its brand image and technology are an important reason that SONY is a celebrity in several areas including gaming consoles, video camcorders as well as professional and medical equipment Source: The brand was forced to cut down on its smart-phone line to avoid running into further losses.

Sony's turnaround strategy is working

SONY has a large and diversified product mix consisting of both products and services. Television and Home theatre: Sony is a leading brand that makes televisions, home theatres, sound bars, projectors and blue ray and DVD players. Sony is also a maker of camcorders, action cameras, music video recorders and professional camcorders.

Sony makes high quality audio equipment including headphones, MP3 players, wireless speakers and high resolution audio. SONY makes interchangeable lens cameras, lenses, compact cameras and lens style cameras.

Energy, store and cables: The brand makes batteries, memory cards and flash drives as well as cables. Mobile, tablets and smart devices: The brand is also a maker of cell phones, tablets, wearable technology and digital paper. Medical and professional devices: Sony is also a maker of medical devices like medical imaging cameras, medical recorders, monitors and printers.

Apart from these things SONY also makes professional devices like professional displays, large scale modular displays and accessories and professional audio devices like wired microphones, headphones, misers and AV Amps. Financial services from Sony: Sony also provides a wide range of financial services and solutions that are meant to make businesses more flexible and enable them to respond to change.

Financial pressures can grow big and go out of hand in 21st century. Its financial serves are tailored to help businesses find support and growth. Apart from these products and services, SONY is also a leading provider of movies, music and other entertainment products and services.

Sony business strategy

This trademark has been registered in countries and territories. The warranty service of SONY covers 53 countries and regions.

Sony also has a wide distribution net globally in the areas where its products are sold. Apart from its authorized retailers in the various nations, SONY products are also sold through the online channels.

Online retailers like Amazon. The pricing strategy used by Sony is that of premium pricing. This is done is order to create a premium image. SONY is a brand that sells premium technology products that are aimed at the higher end market.

Its target segment is made up of the higher end customers and small and big businesses. SONY has also shrunk its smart-phone range and introduced a few more high priced smart-phones.

The premium pricing strategy serves to do two things.


Apart from it, SONY also spends a very large sum in billions on advertising and promotions. This premium pricing strategy also reflects the premium customer experience that SONY has created.

SONY spends heavily on marketing and advertising. It uses several channels for marketing including traditional and modern. However, digital marketing is the central focus of its promotional strategy. The social media too has an important place in the overall marketing and promotional strategy of SONY.

It also makes use of television and the print media in plenty in the Asian markets to promote its brand and products. It is known for making creative TV ads that are highly engaging.

In Asian markets its ads are generally focused on products and highlight their outstanding features and quality. Social media also has an important place in its marketing strategy and promotions.

It uses social media extensively to target its customers and to engage them. It has separate Facebook pages for its different products and its Play-Station page has particularly very high number of followers.This report aims to undertake a strategic review of Sony Corporation, with a focus on the sub-businesses of Sony PlayStation3, Sony Reader & Sony Vaio.

First, the external environment of the corporation is analysed within the current climate.5/5(3). Tokyo - May 23, - Sony Corporation ("Sony") today held a Corporate Strategy Meeting during which President and CEO, Kazuo Hirai, provided an update on the progress of the current mid-range plan, the final year of which is the fiscal year ending March 31, ("FY").

Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy and Other Policies The Board sets and determines the fundamental management policy, including the mid-term plan and annual business plan pursuant to the Charter of the Board by fully examining various the thinking of .

Feb 18,  · “The strategy starting from the next business year will be about generating profit and investing for growth,” Hirai told a briefing, adding that Sony’s units would be given greater autonomy to make their own business decisions.

Sony thinks big with corporate strategy. Consumer technology giant Sony is thinking big with its corporate strategy, after the company outlined ambitious plans for . Tokyo - May 23, - Sony Corporation ("Sony") today held a Corporate Strategy Meeting during which President and CEO, Kazuo Hirai, provided an update on the progress of the current mid-range plan, the final year of which is the fiscal year ending March 31, ("FY").

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